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Be Careful With Colored Glass In Housing Decoration

2016/7/16      view:

Colored glass refers to specials glass, also called heat-absorbing glass, which can block 50% sunlight radiation. For example, 50% sunlight can enter into a room through the blue glass with a thickness of 6mm, while only 25% sunlight can enter into a room from tawny and bronze glass. Therefore, heat-absorbing glass is applicable to building windows or outer walls in hot area that needs both light and heat insulation. It can not only reach heat insulation and anti-dazzle but also create an cool atmosphere of elegance.


But since sunlight in city residential buildings can sterilize, disinfect and remove terrible smell, it is a pity that much sunlight is blocked by colored glass. So people should learn more knowledge about characteristics of colored glass to be more careful on housing decoration and make colored glass more beneficial to housing decoration.

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